March 3, 2011


Rations (2009-) is a straightforward hardcore band from Washington D.C. They played their first show on Dec 19, 2009. All i can say is that they play really hard and are the good representatives of modern D.C. hardcore music scene. Members also play/played in Coke Bust, Sick Fix, State Violence, Death Rats, No minion, Lotus Fucker. The demo cassette was released on Trash King Productions
Nicktape - bass
Jeremy - guitar 
Vogel - guitar
Blam - drums
Parsons - vox


Rations - Anger and disgust Demo (2010)
  1. Natures mistake
  2. Bodies of persuation
  3. First to die
  4. All is well
  5. Good Riddance 

Rations - Live @ St. Stephen's Church (Washington D.C.)

p.s. flyer from the 1st show

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