March 3, 2011

Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks (1995-2002) was a band from Maryland/Washington D.C. (my favorite area, i guess)
First time i came across with this band in Milkshake Fanzine (D.C. Issue), one of interviewed guys told that if he could change history, he would love to play in the band called Crispus Attucks. I am a very curious person, that's why i decided to check what was so awesome about this band. All i can say - i wish i've discovered them earlier. Their music can be described as an outstanding mix of fast hardcore punk music and addiction to skateboarding! During their life CA released 4 awesome records on Soda Jerk Records and Six Weeks Records. Former members now play/played in 86 Mentality, Wasted Time, Goverment Warning.

Crispus Attucks - The first album (1998)
  1. Crispus Attucks
  2. Not a crime
  3. Pi
  4. Live your own life
  5. Go humanitarian
  6. Pyssed
  7. Apathy
  8. Evolve
  9. Foolkiller
  10. Kill the whitehats
  11. My way
  12. Revolutionary fun
  13. Burn in effigy
  14. Hidden track

Crispus Attucks - Destroy the teacher (2000)
  1.  Abaca
  2.  If not P the @
  3. Thrashin'
  4. Convenience Kills
  5. D.T.T.
  6. Survivl
  7. Separation of the people and hate
  8. America's War
  9. Raise your head
  10. Deny youth culture
  11. The articles of libertaria
  12. Falling in shame
  13. Bloody Lies
  14. Under The Banner Of King Death
  15. Dead idols dead
  16. (no title)

  1.  One, two, three...Die!
  2. Danger in the streets
  3. School of Assassins
  4. December 15, 1891
  5. If We Can't Have It, We're Gonna Take it
  6. Red Black Blood Attack
  7. Native Son with No Nation
  8. The Fight Remains The Same
  9. Drug the war
  10. The new slavery
  11. The rage and the fury
  12. Deconstructing
  13. I Dont Want To Destroy Everything
  14. She sells, and so do you
  15. I pledge...
  16. Sick-o

Crispus Attucks - Yo Peho! (2002)
  1. Revolution Now!
  2. Year of black
  3. Yo Peho!
  4. HC-Punk Capitalism 2 (Its For the Kids)
  5. Inhuman Law
  6. My god rides a skateboard
  7. Insurrectos
  8. Kapitalismo! (Its For the Kids Part 1)
  9. In Xochitl In Cuicatl
  10. New slavery 2

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