March 7, 2011


Bluesbreaker (2009-) is probably my favorite band in local Ukrainian scene, and this has nothing to do with the fact that all of them are amazing kids and good friends of mine :)
BB were formed in 2009, guys came together to play fast and angry music, but how it often happens, rehearsal sessions showed that they created their own sound, which locals jokingly describe as hardcore/blues. And they definitely got the blues. First show and first demo tape (Demo 1910) release was on July, 3rd 2010. The demo was released both on tapes (thanks to Backed Up Records) and on CDs (thanks to Love Pills and Whiskey Records). In autumn of 2010 guys hit the studio to record a sooper-dooper EP called Chain Gang, which is going to be released on 7" (thanks to Juggernaut Records) in March 2011. Recently Bluesbreaker had a mini-tour in several Russian towns with another great band The Pack (post about them coming soon, ha).

Bluesbreaker is:
xmikiex - vocals
Alex Young - drums
Don Anton - guitar
Ilya Kotik - bass


Bluesbreaker - Demo 1910

Bluesbreaker - Chain Gang EP (2010)

Live shots:
Bluesbreaker (live @Sokol 01.08.2011)
Bluesbreaker (live @Sokol 03.04.2011)


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