April 28, 2011



Hey everybody! This post has a loooooong story. It's been a month  or something since i wrote to Dan and Joe on fb asking of making an interview with them about WARDOGS and maybe reviewing the new record and whatnot. So, it was a long and a hard way for me to write those Qs :D
The new EP is called OUTCAST BEHAVIOR. You can pre order it here wardogs - outcast behavior (2011). No doubt that i like this record more than the Demo (it doesn't mean the demo sucks, okay???) To me it sounds less cro-magish and has more original sound. BUT! I suck at reviewing records and it's just only my humble opinion. "Something has got to give" is def my fav song from the new EP. Fast, angry and with that HAHAHA part. :D Just awesome. Pre order the record, get educated, listen to good music, buy merch, book them shows and whatnot!


Wardogs - Demo (2010)

 Split w/Bang Bros (tape)

Wardogs - Outcast behavior 7"


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