April 9, 2011


Hey there! It's been aaawhile. It's 3 p.m. here (i just woke up, dammit) and the weather is fine, if you go outside you will definitely die or get wet in a second...So! I want you to imagine that we are in Texas now! Right, in Texas, let's say in Fort Worth. What do you know about this town? Honestly, i googled it and found tons of information on wiki and everything (official website btw ). But! What did i already know about Fort Worth without help of google? That this is a hometown for a band called TRUTH and that they rule hard. Haha, you see how cool i started my review? Whatever! Truth is a really young band, they released their first EP on April, the 8th (shit, that was yesterday), it contains 6 songs (including bonus, which is hilarious in the beginning and really nailed to the x in the end <3). What can i say about their music? They bring strong straight edge hardcore attitude with big influence of YOT, Uniform Choice, Bold, DYS, TYF etc. (isn't this awesome?)  After listening to the EP i don't close their bandcamp page and just forget about it, i keep listening to it and i will definitely jam it on my ipod. So, if you like youth crew hardcore - you better get educated right now and check this band out.


TRUTH - Demo '11
(listen to it and download it for free)

BUY A TEE! Support them. Only 25 made.

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  1. great blog! keep it coming. Would you be down to checkout bands coming down here in South East Asia?