March 18, 2011


Yes. Tonight is the night of big bands. Let's get it started.
Our Turn (2003-2005) was a straight edge/youth crew hardcore band from San Francisco, California. As it often happens, a few kids, which share the same interests catch up somewhere (in our case at San Francisco State University) and decide that they have no choice, but form an awesome band, record songs and play shows! This is what happened to guys from Our Turn (i believe it was exactly as i described, hehe). So, after a while they record a 7 song demo tape called Step Aside at Dutch Oven recording studio. Everybody gets stoked on that demo (which was, btw, later released on 7" thanks to YB Rec.) and Our Turn begins touring the US and even play at Posi Numbers fest. In 2005 they record a MCD Catch Your Breath, which is still available on Youngblood Records only for 2$ (hurry up, kiiiids). Our Turn played its last show on April 10, 2005 at the 418 Front St. Project in Santa Cruz, CA.

Neck: vocals
Josh: guitar
Carlos: bass
Issac: drums


OUR TURN - Live @ Che Cafe 2005

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