May 2, 2012


Hi. It's been awhile. I know. This time i have a really nice reason to post on here. The reason is called Keine Klasse II. That's the title of the new NO CLASS record (Deranged Records). No Class are from Kansas City and they hate everyone.

NO CLASS - Keine Klasse II (Deranged Records)

The following article was brought to me by a sweet Friend of mine E., who emailed to Neal of NC a few weeks ago and asked him about some SHIT and STUFF. You know. Enjoy and spread the word!

From KC to Russia with hate by Neal Dyrkacz

People ask me why I am so angry, and I can just reply, "Take a look where we are living." We are in Kansas City, located astonishingly almost in the exact middle of the USA and depressingly furthermore, right in the heart of the Bible Belt. Other than Chicago, which is 9 hours to the North by automobile, and St. Louis, a smaller trek of 4 hours directly East, Kansas City is lost in a sea of nothingness that one has to endure to get from East Coast to West Coast. But one thing to be proud of is, at least we live in Kansas City, Missouri and not Kansas City, Kansas.
KC is a city that saddly has degenerated from a once bustling smaller city to a suburban sprawl city. Kansas City, population wise, is pretty big when accounting for its whole metropolitan area, but saddly the city proper is lacking. The home, front lawn, white pickett fence, marriage, 2.5 kids, and a dog is the draining reality, the stereotypical American dream. People get married and have kids at a young age here....they are content in not educating themselves in how the world actually works. Frankly, I would say that many suburban KC people are scared of the city. You will see a number of places in Kansas City, tailor made for the affluent people of the area.....I like to call them 'White Safe Havens'. It's sad, how a city so rich in history and once so important in culture and agriculture has come to this. Of course I am giving you a birds eye view of the city. I'm also giving you my non-native perpsective of KC.
I have only been a KC resident for about 5 years now. Don't get me wrong, I am a Midwest native, born and raised in the greatest city, if you ask me, in the USA....Chicago. I moved myself down here because of a job I had decided to take at a time when I was having trouble finding any work as a Software Engineer in Chicago. Kansas City is much different from Chicago, but like every place it has its ups and downs, pros and cons. I'm 28, yes I have a real job, yes I save for retirement, yes I have a savings account.......and yes I love hardcore and punk. And if any punk/hardcore purists have a problem with that.......THEY CAN GET FUCKED. Don't tell me how to live my life, don't give me any rules. Like most, I have the typical story of how I got into this type of music. You come across it at a younger age, you identify with it, and the rest is history. Some fall out of it, some stay with it for life, and some cycle in and out of it. I never really identified with topics such as government oppression and a person's economical status in lyrics. All my life I have been middle class, not rich, not poor.....just decently comfortable. So does this mean I can't listen to punk/hc? Fuck off, yeah I can. It's not my fault I was born into a family where my dad was a PhD. in Research Chemistry and my mom was a school teacher. Sorry, I have a degree that allowed me to get a job and affords me the ability to do what I want. But punk/hc has an intensity and an anger I can identify with. The sense of me vs everyone else. The rawness of the sound. Also, the friends, the connections, the do it yourself attitude.
In Chicago, I played guitar for Wound Up, which released a EP on painkiller records. The 2nd guitarist, Tim, played guitar for the amazing Bay area band, Unit Pride in the late 80's. And near the end of Wound Up, me, the drummer, and the other guitarist helped round out the Chicago/Toronto side project, Pink Eye, that contained Jonah Falco ( Fucked Up / Career Suicide) and Damian Abrahams ( Fucked UP ). After Wound Up folded, and after graduating from College....I found my way down to Kansas City around 2007. THe good thing about midwest is the strong connection between its major cities, forming the Midwest hardcore triangle, between KC, Chicago, and STL. So when moving to KC from Chicago, it wasn't that hard to meet up with the scene and already know a few people.
Dillon ( No Class Drummer ), was also not born in Kansas City area, but is an Troy/Albany, NY area native....he moved with his family to KC. No Class also contains 2 brothers, Jesse (guitar) and Dustin (bass) Street. The Street brothers were born and grew up in the Kansas City area. The Street brothers and Dillon are a great example of why Kansas City is starting to get noticed as a place where people actually live, and that we can also make great punk/hc. Jesse and Dustin were in the band We're Fucked which got huge response in KC during their lifespan as a band. After We're Fucked folded, Jesse and Dillon joined forces in Black Mark which started getting more attention outside of the KC area....but Black Mark was very short lived and folded rather quickly. Jesse started the band Sorry Excuse, if you ask me, was the boiling over point for KC punk/Hardcore. Among other bands like Dark Ages, this definitely put a spot light onto KC and definitely forged a good bond between KC and Chicago. Which paved the way for No Class.....
So fast forward to late 2009, early 2010. I was hanging out in the practice space that is used by a couple of the KC hardcore bands with Jesse Street. A couple months before this I had tried to get a new hardcore band going using some guitar riffs I had laying around, but sadly nothing ever came to fruition. At this time, Jesse started playing one of my riffs, but now it was played slower and with a different rhythm. It just seemed to click better, next thing you know, we were bringing in Jesse's brother, Dustin Street, on bass, and Dillon Bendetti on drums. We had a jam session and things basically took off from there. Undeniably Midwestern. Slow, mid paced, and at times manic....we carved out the sound we wanted. With 4 people actually contributing to the sound, music, and style we had a well rounded basis. It helps keep things fresh. We write songs that make us want to break things and actually get us pumped to play them.
Where does the name come from? Some will say, from the Reagan Youth song, others will say because we actually have no class. Who knows.....but it fit, and it stuck. Yes, there was the issue of No Class being a generic name, and has been used before.....that's why we also go by Keine Klasse and everything we will ever put out will just be labeled, Keine Klasse. It's German, it's bad ass, end of story. Fuck yes.
We busted our asses, and quickly put out a demo tape, we only made 100, and they went pretty fast. My friend Rob Ruzicka from Cardiac Arrest in STL, was turning 30 that April in 2010, and he decided to put together a huge show, he got Formaldehyde Junkies to reunite, Career Suicide to fly down, and one of the first New York hardcore bands, THe Abused to play it. And Rob gave us the opportunity to open the show. Shortly after, Deranged Records contacted us about actually pressing the demo to a 7'' format. We wanted to keep the demo limited, and as a cassette so we opted out of that idea, but Deranged wanted to work with us, so we decided to do a 12''. We worked most of the spring/summer of 2010 writing material and hashing out stuff to record. By late summer we had gone into the studio to lay it down, and by fall of 2010 it was out. So far we are working on more material and trying to decide what we want to do with it, most likely it will come out on Deranged Records sometime at the end of 2011, beginning of 2012.
What's it like being in No Class? Ridiculous. The combination of all members lack of respect and politically correctness for anything is pretty astounding. We don't take much of anything seriously.....and we are just a bunch of goofballs. We all get a long, even the Street brothers, or at least they get along as well as any two brothers can. I'm a wound up, anxiety ridden douche bag, Dillon is straight up comedic relief, and the Street brothers are two of the most stubborn and opinionated people on the planet. With all of us combined, I'm surprised anything gets done. We are all friends, and I tend to see each member at least once or twice a week besides our weekly practice. Dustin lives basically a couple blocks away from my apt, Jesse and Dillon live about a mile or two away from. We are basically adults who refuse to grow up, which helps with writing music.
We all work together to write new material, someone will come with an initial idea and we will all sit there and work on it together at our weekly practice. This way we all are invested in the band and we also get a good blending of styles and sound. If we aren't going off to our own music, well then that song most likely will not work out and will be dropped or changed until we feel it's good. There have been many arguments and even a small push and shove, choking incident at practice over how a song should be played, but it was for the best.
I never expected any punk/HC band I would ever be in would give me the opportunity to talk to some many different people from so many different places. The 'Digital Age' has really allowed us to reach out to anyone across the country and the world. We have had people email us from England, Germany, Sweden, and now Russia! It's bad ass! We hope to some day to get over to Europe and play some shows, but it's just hard with our time constraints right now. But so far we have been having a great time playing weekend out of town shows. We will drive 18 hours to play one show. We do what we gotta do. That's just how it is.

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