November 16, 2011

BACK TO BACK RECORDS (interview with Neil Patel)

1) Sup freak! How's life? What did you dream about last night? Tell me what i NEED to listen to atm.
  Life sucks. I haven't slept in 28 hours. I didn't dream, but lately I've been having nightmares about my teeth falling out it's really fun. Foundation - When The Smoke Clears

2) Guess who's Back To Back!
She must be a Back To Back fan...

3) So, i know there's a fresh addition to BTBR Crew. That guy called Cain. Tell me something about him.
Cain is a pit bull/rottweiler given to us by Sir Joseph of Hardcore. He's the man. He's currently 8 weeks old and won't stop crying and biting everyone. He has his own part of the label called Bark To Bark, and he is currently single, holla a him.

4) What do you think about signing a European band? I know it's your secret wish.
We already did duh, Not Afraid and they’re sweet.

5) What's in your opinion an ideal place for living?
I don’t know if you mean an actual place or my imagination sooo I’ll just answer both. Atlanta when everyones constantly hanging out, Philadelphia. Maybe NYC if all my close friends lived there. My imagination : Never hot or humid, constant hoodie weather. Good scene, close to other cool places, good food and no cats.

6) What would you choose:
a) A lonely life with a dog by your side (until the day you die) or
b) A family life (with wife, children and a cat). p.s. yes, i remember you are allergic to cats.

 Depends. Cause if I’m lonely with a dog, I’d still be lonely that sounds sad haha.
I’d probably take B and just fuck with the cat, like make it wear kitten mittens

7) What are your fav non-hardcore bands? 
The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Morrissey, Blink-182 and Saves The Day

8) Top-5: shoes, alkaline trio songs, comic books heroes, food (don't say cheesesteak)

Weird question.
You’re dead, Radio, Armageddon, Keep Em Coming, Goodbye Forever
Wolverine, Batman, The Hulk, Spiderman, Superman.

9) If you found someone dead in bed, what would you do?
Probably get weird.

10) What's BTB to you? Fun? Job? A hobbie? Life? Food? D'oh?
It’s fun, it’s not really a job. Hardcores my life, I owe everything to it. It will be food once me and Ned follow through with SNACK 2 SNACK, our candy line.

11) Have you ever played in a band? Did it suck?
No I’m a loser.

12) Recommend me a movie that would make me actually start killing people after watching it.
(if nothing comes to your mind, just recommend one good movie and motivate me to watch it)

Have you ever watched Dear Zachary? It’s a pretty fucked up documentary that’ll make you mad. I feel like fighting after I see movies like Football Factory and hooligan movies, then I realize I’m a whimp.

13) Peace. That was fun. Anything to add? 

Yeah, uh, why are you interviewing me? Peace 2 Ned, BTB crew and Atlanta Straight Edge.

P.S. I am interviewing you cause i had nothing to do and you said all those regular Qs suck. So...

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